‘Breakthrough’ Season Two Preview Tuesday

Season Two of BREAKTHROUGH premieres Tuesday, May 2, at 10/9c following a new episode of “Genius” on National Geographic.

The critically acclaimed global series BREAKTHROUGH, executive produced by Imagine Entertainment and Asylum Entertainment, returns once again to shine a light on the world’s leading scientists and how their cutting-edge innovations and advancements will change our lives in the immediate future and beyond. Season two continues the tradition of tackling thought-provoking topics — including addiction, cyberterror, drones, cancer, big data and energy — with a uniquely scientific perspective.

Each episode Is directed by noted filmmakers, including Ana Lily Amirpour (“A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”), David Lowery (“Pete’s Dragon”), Shane Carruth (“Upstream Color”), and Emmett and Brendan Malloy (“Tribes of Palos Verdes”). Narrators Include Chris Pine, Aaron Eckhart and JK Simmons.

Breakthrough: Addiction: A Psychedelic Cure?
Director: David Lowery || Narrator: Mike Colter
Premieres: Tuesday, May 2, at 10/9c
Renegade researchers are fighting the medical establishment by exploring a controversial cure for our vices: psychedelic drugs. English countess Amanda Feilding (founder of the Beckley Foundation), Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris at Imperial College London and Dr. Matthew Johnson at Johns Hopkins University are reviving long-suppressed research into the therapeutic value of psychedelic drugs. Brain scans reveal that medically supervised trips may reboot the brains of addicts, but is this radical therapy powerful enough to break an opiate addiction?

Breakthrough: Cyber Terror
Director: Steven Hoggard || Narrator: Barry Pepper
Premieres: Tuesday, May 9, at 10/9c
An exclusive look inside the shadowy world of hackers, where good battles evil with the security of the world at stake. This episode follows “white-hat” hackers Jayson Street, Darren Kitchen and Khalil Sehnaoui, security specialists who combine clever coding with “Mission: Impossible”-style “social engineering.” They have been hired to plan and execute a brazen hack: getting behind the teller wall and compromising the computers at five branches of a large bank. Meanwhile, social psychologist Nafees Hamid tracks down a “black-hat” ISIS hacker who is trying to recruit suicide bombers to attack a tourist destination. The hacker is following in the footsteps of Junaid Hussein, a young British man who rapidly went from prankster to the leader of ISIS’s recruiting and cyber operations, skillfully using the internet to coordinate terror attacks and wage psychological war on the digital battlefield.

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