‘Your Brain On Video Games’ Airs Tuesday On Science Channel

YOUR BRAIN ON VIDEO GAMES – Special Premieres on Science Channel on November 1 at 9 PM

Often scrutinized for crude violence, many have accused video games of increasing aggressive behavior, especially among impressionable youths. Violent video games remain a controversial subject and as the demographic for gaming widens, researchers are diving deeper into the mainstream perception that video games have hidden negative effects on otherwise peaceful people. Science Channel explores the effects of video games on the human psyche in YOUR BRAIN ON VIDEO GAMES which premieres ‪Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 9PM.

Are violent video games the inspiration for violent behavior? Are they an outlet for aggressive tendencies? YOUR BRAIN ON VIDEO GAMES investigates how interactive video games play on psychological cues like emotion and gratification as experts in the field provide key insight. The special also explores the possibility of video game addiction and spotlights those at the forefront of this research who argue that the exploding popularity of video games can be a positive tool in training a specific skill set that would otherwise be difficult to teach.

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