Book Review: ‘You’re The One That I Want’ Is A Great Story About Three People And Love

You’re The One I Want by Giovanna Fletcher (St. Martin’s Press; in stores April 25) is a spellbinding story of three best friends (two guys and a girl) and the love between them.

Ben and Robert have been best friends since they were little kids. Then along came Maddy and the three of them became best friends. They did everything together and became like brothers and sisters. They went to school together and always hung out. As they got older things started to change between them. Ben and Robert both started looking at Maddy different. Not as a sister but as a girl. While on a trip to Paris Ben plans to ask Maddy out and tell her how he feels. Robert beats him to it and soon he’s dating Maddy. Ben is hurt and disappointed but never says anything. Robert and Maddy fall in love.

When the time comes for them to go University, Robert goes to a different school and Maddy and Ben go to the same one. Robert and Maddy are doing a long distance relationship. Ben and Maddy are hanging out a lot and Ben has fallen in love with Maddy. When Robert confesses to a one night mistake it throws Maddy and she and Ben get drunk. Ben confesses his true feelings and Maddy says she feels the same way during a drunken night out. When Robert begs for forgiveness Maddy is torn. It also throws Ben off who thought they may have something.

As the days, months and years go on Robert and Maddy are together and Ben is with Alice but has never gotten over Maddy.

Years later there’s a wedding and as Maddy is walking down the aisle she’s still not sure who she will marry Ben or Robert.

The story is sweet, romantic, heartbreaking and really fun to read. I was rooting for one of the guys to win Maddy’s heart (not gonna say which one as it might be a spoiler). Each chapter is told from one of the characters which makes it more enjoyable to see how each person is actually feeling.

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