Book Review: ‘You’re Invited: A Novel’ By Amanda Jayatissa

It’s the wedding of the year in Sri Lanka with the rich, powerful Fonseka putting it on. Their daughter Kaavindi is marrying a rich tech guy named Matthew Spencer. And when Amaya Bloom shows up, everything goes to hell. She use to date Spencer and they broke up five years ago. She received an invitation from Kaavindi, even though they had a big falling out and haven’t talked in five years. She’s determined to stop the wedding, no matter what it takes. Then the bride goes missing and is presumed dead and everyone is a suspect. The story flips through days before the wedding, the day of the wedding and aftermath. It also shows the investigation into Kaavindi going missing and all the interviews with potential suspects. And you need a scorecard to keep track of everyone. There are so many twists and turns, nothing is as it seems and you have to pay real close attention. This books is perfectly written and will keep you reading, even when you want to put it down.

You can pick up You’re Invited in stores on Tuesday, August 9th from Berkley.

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