Book Review: ‘Your Next Breath’ Is Another Fun Catherine Ling Adventure

Hell hath no fury like killing a man’s wife.

Catherine Ling is back in Iris Johansen’s new novel Your Next Breath (St. Martin’s Press). This time she is the target of a man from her past that seeks revenge for her killing his wife.

Catherine and Luke are trying to forge a relationship after she rescued him in the last novel. Soon she learns that people close to her are being killed and left a calling card pointing to her. Soon security around anyone close to her is heightened and she tries to figure out who is responsible.

She soon figures out it’s a man named Santos, whose wife she killed right in front of him, and sent him to prison. He’s been plotting revenge since that day. It’s a race against time to find him and protect her love ones in a game of cat and mouse, leading to a final show down that will leave one of them dead.

The usual characters are back including the smoldering Cameron, Luke, Jane, Kelly, Erin, Venable and Hu Change. Your Next Breath is available now in stores.

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