Book Review: ‘You Lucky Dog’ Is An Enjoyable Look At Love And Being A Dog

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Jake and Emma are married, in love and very happy. They have great jobs, a perfect house and a little dog named Jake. When Emma asks Jake to take Jake to the vet (she was suppose to), he agrees. It’s a rainy day and on the way he has a terrible car accident. Jake is dead but he’s not dead. His body has died but he has been transformed into the dogs body. He knows who he is and everyone around him. He can even talk. At the wake he tells Emma that he is in the dog. She thinks she is having a nervous breakdown.

She finally comes to the realization that Jake is indeed now the dog. She takes him everywhere, cooks him food and even helps him start a career as an animal actor. But soon she has to move on with her life. She wants to find love again. It causes some strain for Jake who soon understands that Emma needs to be happy and fulfilled again.

A really heart-warming story of love, loss, a potential second chance to at least have the chance to have your love back and say goodbye (in this case though she doesn’t have to right now). The story also has its funny moments when Jake has to learn to live as a dog. That means taking poops, playing with toys, dealing with other dogs, scratching, licking and getting groomed.

If you like dogs and love stories this is the book for you. It’s available in stores now. You can click on the box below to purchase it at Amazon.