Book Review: ‘Year One’ Is The Start Of The Battle Of Good vs. Evil On Earth From Nora Roberts

I am just going to start this off saying the new trilogy from Nora Roberts titled Year One: Chronicles Of The One Book 1, in stores Tuesday, December 5th, from St. Martin’s Press is just AWESOME! Really anything from Nora is awesome but this ups the game a notch.

It all started before New Years. A man becomes infected in England and then passes it along to his family, the people in the airport and it spreads and spreads until more than 2 billion people have died. A pandemic like never before seen. No cure is able to be found. New York city has become a battle ground with a group called the Raiders taking over. Yet some people for some reason have an immunity to it. They are being rounded up and taken to be experimented on in hopes of finding a cure.

There’s also a group of people that suddenly have magical powers. Witches, Fairies, Elves, sears and more. They have no idea how they got these powers and are now called The Uncanny. Included in this group is Lana and Max. Two witches who flee New York and head for safety. Along the way they run into Eddie and head to find Max’s brother, who’s at their parents house in the Midwest.

Also leaving New York is reporter Arlys, Fred and Chuck. They head to the Midwest as well hoping to find her parents. When things get rough there they head south until they find New Hope. A group of survivors have formed a new town and have supplies and everyone works together to succeed and to live. There’s a few bad seeds but most are good people. Soon Lana, Max, Arlys and her group meet up and make their way to New Hope.

Soon Lana finds out she’s pregnant and shares the news with Max, who’s overjoyed. It doesn’t last long. Soon the forces of evil show up looking to take Lana and destroy her baby (there’s a prophecy that the baby will lead the forces of good). A battle ensues and Lana has to flee and look for shelter to save herself and her child.

Soon she meets Simon in another small community. He takes her in and promises to protect her. Once her child is born, a mysterious man shows up and tells Lana what her birth means and what could happen in the future. Lana knows for now she will be safe, but will have a big decision to make (which I assume will take us through book two). And I cannot wait for the next chapter in the series.

Nora has really stepped it up with this trilogy. It’s a fantasy series that has lots of twists and turns you don’t see coming. You won’t want to put the book down. It grabs you from the very beginning to the shocking finale with the tease of things to come.

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