Book Review: ‘The Woman On The Stairs’ By Bernhard Schlink

A painting of a woman is the centerpiece of the story of three men and the woman in the portrait. The man who painted it claims it’s his. The man that bought it claims it’s his. A lawyer who is trying to mediate who owns it falls in love with the woman (who’s married to one of the guys and living with the other).

When she steals the painting she disappears from every ones lives (including the lawyer who she was going to run away with). Many years later the lawyer finds the woman and gets the answer to his question of why she did what she did.

The Woman On The Stairs by Bernhard Schlink (Pantheon; in stores Tuesday, March 14) is a heartfelt story of one woman’s need to find herself at the expense of three people that at one point loved her. The other great thing about the book is it’s short! At 225 pages it’s a very easy read.

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