Book Review: ‘With Our Blessing’ Is A Great Debut Novel From Jo Spain

Author Jo Spain hits a home-run with her US debut novel With Our Blessing. It is a story based in the real life Magdalene Laundries for ‘fallen women’ in Ireland, something I had no idea about. The story starts off in 1975 when a young girl gives birth and her baby is taken away from her. Then in 2010 a nun is found murdered and DI Tom Reynolds is assigned to the case.

Soon Tom and his team is on the way to a convent that once was a home to the Magdalene Laundries and they start their investigation. What they find there is truly shocking. They read back files on the place, talk to people in the village and being in this place creeps them all out. They soon learn the depths of the past in this place and then they narrow things down to it being someone that was once there and treated badly and finally got their revenge. They have to stop more murderers before it is too late.

Author Jo Spain did her research and it shows in the story. It’s a shocking read for those of us that don’t know about what went on during that time. The characters are well-written and it’s a fascinating story from the very beginning to the finale.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, April 9th from Crooked Lane.

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