Book Review: ‘With Love From London: A Novel’ By Sarah Jio

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Valentina Baker’s mother left her when she was 12 years old and went back to London where she was from and they never saw each other again. Now she has died and left her Primrose Hills apartment and bookstore to her. Valentina is divorced after her husband cheated on her and moves to London to oversee her mother’s estate. When she gets there she meets all her mother’s offbeat friends and quickly adapts to everyone. She starts to learn about her mother’s past and her mother is communicating with her from beyond with a series of clues that Valentina must solve. We also learn the truth about her mother Eloise’s past with her father and why she really left. It helps her come to closure with her mother and enables her to move forward with her life in England, with her bookstore and new friends and she may even find love again. The year is early but this may be the feel good book of the year. It’s really enjoyable to read and follow along with. It will put a smile on your face by the time you finish it.

You can pick up With Love From London in stores on Tuesday, February 8th from Ballantine Trade Paperback.