Book Review: ‘With A Mind To Kill: A James Bond Novel’ By Anthony Horowitz

Author Horowitz has written his third and final novel in the James Bond series he’s been writing. It’s my first time reading a James Bond novel and it’s everything you would expect in a Bond novel. It’s action and James Bond being Bond and it’s a blast to read. I can picture everything on the big screen as I am reading this book. This story takes place right after the last Ian Fleming Novel, The Man With The Golden Gun, where Bond was brainwashed by the Russians and ordered to kill M. He was unprogrammed and never got to kill M. The book opens with a funeral for M and it’s revealed it’s part of a plan to send Bond back to Russia, to unfoil a plot they’re about to unleash to change Russia forever. He’s in the ands of Colonel Boris and a woman named Katya, who he falls for and she ends up helping him with his mission, which takes him to East Germany and a climatic finale. If you’re a fan of the Bond movies or books, you will enjoy this one.

You can pick up With A Mind To Kill in stores on Tuesday, May 24th from Harper.

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