Book Review: William Shatner’s ‘Spirit Of The Horse’ A Heartwarming Look At His Love For Horses

William Shatner is know for his roles on TV and in the movies. He’s also known for his love of horses. In his new book he combines the two with tales from his personal life and those from legendary literary figures.

He started riding hours decades ago and goes into detail how he started and tells stories of his adventures with them, including times he was thrown off of them. He also includes stories from famous writers talking that include horses like Pegasus, the horses of the Olympian Gods, the battle of Neptune and Athena, the brothers Grimm and a lot more well known tales.

Horses are a magical creature and no one loves them more than William Shatner. A beautiful tribute an animal that next to a dog could be mans best friend!

You can pick up Spirit Of The Horse: A Celebration In Faces And Fable by William Shatner (Thomas Dunne Books; in stores Tuesday, May 30).

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