Book Review: ‘The Wildling Sisters’ Shows The Past Can Never Be Kept Secret

The past and the present come together when secrets are revealed in Eve Chase’s second novel The Wildling Sisters (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores Tuesday, July 25).

The story is told in alternating story-lines as each chapter looks at the story from the past and the present day. It revolves around a house outside of London called Applecote Manor.

In the summer of 1959 when their mother takes off to Morocco to work, the Wilde sisters are shipped off to their Aunt Sybil and Uncle Perry to live. Their only daughter Audrey disappeared five years ago and is presumed dead and they’ve never gotten over it. The girls Dot, Pam, Flora and Margot aged between 12 and 17 years old. There not happy about having to go but make the best of the situation. When Sybil tries to make Margot into Audrey it freaks her out. When the girls meet two handsome guys living in a nearby estate it makes the summer go a little better. The girls compete for their attention. Margot also learns a shocking secret that could put her life and that of her sisters in jeopardy.

In present day Will and Jessie are looking for a new home. When they see Applecote Manor, Jessie falls in love and wants to buy it. Wills daughter with his late wife doesn’t want to move (she has never gotten over her mother’s death and dads re-marriage). She even senses something bad has happened in the house. When a mysterious woman comes by she references the house and knowing things about it. When they finally meet her it turns out to be Margot. When mysterious letters and bones are found on the estate, the past and the present finally are resolved.

The story at its core is about family and what sisters will do to protect each other. Secrets always manage to come out even when you try to keep them. I liked the alternating chapters detailing the past and how it effects the present day with the house. It’s a well written story with intriguing characters and a gripping, strong story.

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