Book Review: ‘Wicked Sexy Liar’ Might Make You Blush!

Bestselling author Christian Lauren is back with Wicked Sexy Liar (Gallery Books; On-sale Tuesday, February 2). It’s book four in the Wild Seasons series. A romantic, erotic book that might make you blush!

London Hughes and Luke Sutter are two damaged people. Both have been hurt in previous relationships. Luke has taken to be a player. A good looking guy with personality, he seems to get any girl he wants (and there’s been a lot). London was cheated on by her ex. So both are gun shy. When they meet at the bar London works at there are sparks. London knows he’s a player and has no interest (well she does but doesn’t want to). She relents and they have a hot night of sex (and can Christian write sex scenes!).

Luke is smitten and wants more. London does too but won’t admit it. She knows he’s a player and is afraid she will get hurt and won’t be able to trust him. Slowly there defenses weaken and as they spend more time together, things develop (but London won’t commit). The sex is great but is there more between them then that. When she learns of his past and that they have the same friends in common, it could be their undoing.

A great continuation of Wild Seasons series with all the characters from the previous books back in supporting roles (feels like visiting old friends). And like I said before Christian can write sex scenes (wonder if they’re from personal experience?). If you’ve read the previous books, then you want to read this one as well (not necessary to have read them).

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