Book Review: ‘Whistle In The Dark: A Novel’ Asks What Happened To Lana The Four Days She Was Missing

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Jen and Hugh Maddox have been worried about their daughter Lana who has been missing for days. When she’s finally found they’re relieved and head to the hospital where she is. Other some some bruises and cuts she is physically fine. Emotionally is a different story. She has always been a somewhat trouble kid. When asked what happened to her she said she got lost and doesn’t remember much else.

In the days and weeks that follow Lana is acting different, a bit withdrawn, moody and doesn’t want to return to school. Jen is so worried about her daughter she is spying on her, trying to get her to open up about her missing time and not having much luck with her. The more she pushes, the more Emma acts out.

Jen decides she is going to find out once and for all what might have happened to Lana and goes on a journey that could cause her to lose her own life in the process.

A very poignant story of a mother/daughter relationship. Teens are always trouble but Lana is on a different plain. It looks at this families life from all sides and what you can do to try and keep your family safe and together. In reading the author notes on Emma Healey (who wrote the book), she suffered from her own depression, so she is able to bring this to her writing of Lana and what she is going through.

You can pick up Whistle In The Dark in stores on Tuesday, July 24, from Harper.