Book Review: ‘Where We Belong’ By Hoda Kotb Is An Uplifting Look At People Changing Their Lives

Okay first thing I love watching Hoda and Kathie Lee every morning on the Today show. It’s most days one of the best hours on TV. Hoda has been on Dateline, contributes to other hours on the Today show, written two other books, survived cancer and won numerous awards. She is back with her new book Where We Belong (Simon & Schuster; January 5).

The book is an uplifting look at various people that tell their life stories to Hota and how they were able to look at their lives and change them around to be happy and successful. A woman who never thought she could go to Harvard, a couple who have millions and never have to work again, who decided they never wanted kids. After hearing about Haitian orphans and how they were living, suddenly made them change their thoughts and ended up adopting three kids and started helping children everywhere. A Wall Street banker who became a minister.

Hota also interview a few celebrities like Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey, Margaret Cho and Laila Ali. They each tell personal, heartfelt stories of growing up and having some serious issues and how they overcame them.

These people all showed how they could overcome and make something of their lives. It’s a heartfelt, motivating book that got me thinking that anyone can overcome and make their life better if they really want to!

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