Book Review: ‘Where Have All The Boys Gone?’ By Jenny Colgan

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Katie lives in London and works in PR. She cannot find a good man. It turns out in London there are not a lot of single, good men. She’s tired of it. She has recently gotten mugged, her sister stole her roommate and friend’s boyfriend and taken off for India. Katie is ready for a change.

She looks in the want ads and finds a PR job ad in a Scotland town called Fairlish. It involves forestry and she goes and interviews with the owner Harry and it doesn’t go well. Months later he decides to hire her London PR firm and Katie is given the account. So she’s off to Fairlish and finds this is where all the men are. Her friend Louise goes along (the one whose boyfriend left with Katie’s sister).

She is working with Harry on a secret project to save a forest from a group that want it to build a gold course. She meets Iain who works at the local newspaper and used to be friends with Harry until a falling out. Soon the secret is out about the golf course and the race is on to save it. Iain and Katie go out a few times and even attempt sex but it doesn’t go well.

Soon the whole town comes together for a big party to raise money to save the forest and Katie realizes that Iain isn’t the man for her and maybe the right man has been in front of her all along.

A fun romantic comedy with great characters, a fun setting in mostly Scotland and women’s quests to find that special guy and how it’s not easy.

You can pick up Where Have All The Boys Gone? in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from William Morrow Paperbacks.