Book Review: ‘When She Dreams: A Burning Cove Novel’ By Amanda Quick

I love these Burning Cove novels from Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz (I like any novel written by her). There always well-written character driven plots and mysteries to read along with. Burning Cove is the place to be. Set in the 30’s and this time it centers on Maggie Lodge, who has a unique dreaming ability and a research company wants her. She’s currently subbing writing advice as Dear Aunt Cornelia when she gets a blackmail note. She hires former cop and now P.I. Sam Sage to investigate the threat. It leads them to Burning Cove where someone is impersonating Aunt Cornelia. But there’s a whole lot more going on as the dream convention is going on and Maggie is spotted. The bodies start piling up and Maggie and Sam team together to figure out what exactly is going on. They also fall for each other and that adds to the tension of solving this case (and a few steamy scenes). This is the sixth book in the series but each is written like a stand-alone so there’s no problem jumping in and enjoying it.

You can pick up When She Dreams in stores on Tuesday, May 3rd from Berkley.

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