Book Review: ‘What You Leave Behind: A Novel’ By Wanda M. Morris

by | May 20, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

The book is in stores on Tuesday, June 18th from William Morrow Paperbacks. You can buy a copy at the link.

Deena Wood is having a tuff time, she lost her mother, her husband, and her job at a law firm in Atlanta. She moves back to her hometown of Brunswick, GA, and in with her father, and his new wife. She gets a job at a law firm, that she doesn’t like much, and gets through each day. Furthermore, she likes to go for drives and clear her head, and ends up on the island, and a piece of property owned by Holcomb Gardener, who warms her off with a gun, and says he’s not selling. Then he goes missing, and his body is soon found. Deena starts looking into his death, his property, and other properties that have suddenly been bought, and resold. Something is not right, and it looks like it involves the death of Holcomb’s sister, six months ago. Someone doesn’t want Deena asking questions, opening old wounds, and getting in the way of powerful people. Lucky for Deena, she has some heavenly help. A really well-written novel, that looks at the plight of people that aren’t well off and doing the best they can. Deena is an intense, strong female, who will stop at nothing to get answers. A few well time twists, and ghosts, and you have an engaging novel.