Book Review: ‘What Happens In Paradise’ Is The Next Chapter In Erin Hilderbrand’s Paradise Series

Erin Hilderbrand is back with the sequel to Winter In Paradise with What Happens In Paradise (out Tuesday, October 8th from Little Brown). We are back in St. John with Ellen Steele and her two sons Cash and Baker. It’s the aftermath of learning about her husband Russell’s secret life with a daughter and girlfriend. They were killed in a helicopter crash and now Ellen is trying to move on and get everything settled.

Irene and Cash are both offered jobs in St. Johns and decide why not. They have a great house and people they know. Baker also decides to move their with his son after his wife left him for another woman and is moving to Cleveland. Baker is going to go after Ayers, who he fell for when he was last here. Cash also wants to go after her but soon gives his brother the go for her. He finds another woman. But not everything goes according to plan.

The FBI is investigating things and Ayer finds a diary that also fills us in on the relationship that Russell had over the years. We learn a lot more about the characters and it fills in a lot of information stemming from the first book (I did not read that one). The story leaves off on a cliffhanger that will lead to book three.

The story is told form different characters points of views, which makes it easier to understand where everyone is coming from. It reads like a good old-fashioned soap opera, with twists and turns and engaging characters. Erin Hilderbrand always writes compelling, character driven novels and I can’t wait for book number three in the series.

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