Book Review: ‘Wedding Girl’ Is An Adorable Read

Wedding Girl (Berkley Trade Original; May 3) from author Stacey Ballis is a fun novel that is all about rising up from being betrayed and starting over from scratch.

Pastry chef Sophie and her fiance Dex are all set to be married and open their own restaurant. She has all her money on the big day (and don’t get me started about weddings and spending all that money it!). Well the worst thing that can possibly happen, Dex runs away with another woman and the news breaks right before the wedding is suppose to start. So what does Sophie do? She holds her head up high and declares everything is paid for and we’re having a party.

When she returns to work (and her ex use to work there as well) she can’t concentrate and ends up being fired. Her good name is ruined in the culinary field. She moves in with her Grandmother Bubbles and her adorable pug Snatch (who’s up there in age). Trying to figure out her next move she ends up going to the local bakery to pick up some stuff. While there the owner Herman is looking for some part time help (he is an older man and his son Mark wants him to retire). She decides why not since she has no other jobs lined up.

Her creative juices flowing she comes up with all sorts of ideas for new products and to update the business, especially with a big time new cake place opening in six months. Mark is not happy about this turn of events thinking his dad will retire. One day while helping to design a cake for an upcoming wedding, Sophie makes a new friend and offers all sorts of ideas to make the day go smoothly. Instead of payment she is made a site called where people e-mail her questions and advice (and she gets payed for it). Sophie answers their questions and no one knows who she is. The site takes off and ev even Sophie’s parents e-mail her questions as they have decided to get married after 43 years of being together.

The site is going good, the business is thriving and things are going good. She is even getting along with Mark and has met a guy named Jake thru her site that they e-mail back and forth and make plans to meet. They even get invited to a prestigious cake competition that could mean big things for the business. When Herman gets hurt Mark ends up filling in and helping with the business. The chemistry between the two is off the charts and the big day comes for the competition. And once this is over big changes come to Sophie’s life and for the first time in years things are really looking up for her. And she finally meets Jake!

I have read a few books like this the last few years and they are always fun and this one doesn’t disappoint. I will say it will make you hungry and you might gain ten pounds from reading it! And a special nod the author for putting in the recipes for the tasty treats that are mentioned throughout the book!

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