Book Review: ‘We Didn’t Ask For This’ By Adi Alsaid

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Review by Ana Tafur

An ensemble of characters, a high school lock-in, and an environmental protest all combine in We Didn’t Ask For This. By Adi Alsaid.

Marisa, intent on saving a reef and making a positive impact on the environment sets up a protest at her international high school’s annual lock-in night. Quite literally locking herself in with her classmates in their high school until her list of demands are met. The impact she has on what is supposed to be a fun night is far reaching. The book follows several students as they are impacted by Marisa’s protest, which both makes the book entertaining and also hard to follow.

I had to read the book twice to fully appreciate the story. At times, minor characters get too much attention, but the core ensemble, Marisa’s protectors are the heart of the story. Each of the protectors is challenged in different ways, and how they react is at times funny, surprising, and truly unpredictable. The author does a nice job at giving these kids unique voices. Given the environmental aspects and diverse characters, this is definitely a book that fits in today’s world, but some concepts of the story are bit far-fetched which took away from my enjoyment of this book.

You can pick up We Didn’t Ask For This in stores on Tuesday, April 7th.