Book Review: ‘Water Memory: A Novel’ By Daniel Pyne

A former Black ops specialist Aubrey Sentro and current worker for a risk management company, that goes on special missions, is suffering from memory issues, due to one too many concussions. She’s told to take some vacation time and decides to go on a working steamer trip in South America. It’s suppose to be a relaxing time but it turns out to be a deadly trip. Armed pirates board the ship and rob it. Aubrey’s training kicks in and she tries to take them all on and manages to kill a few but is ultimately over-taken. She wakes up in a hospital and is having memory issues but decides to go after the pirates, rescue the crew and take them all down. She ends up with help from some unlikley people and when her son gets involved, everything is thrown out the window in order to make sure he’s safe.

A solid thriller with lots of action to keep readers engaged throughout the story. Aubrey Sentro is a kick-ass, strong female character you don’t want to mess with.

You can pick up Water Memory in stores on Monday, February 1st.

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