Book Review: ‘Warrior: Audrey Hepburn’ By Robert Matzen

Audrey Hepburn was an Oscar, Tony and Golden Globe winner. She was one of the top Hollywood stars in her day. She did things by her ways and not by how other people wanted her to be. She lived a private life away from the movies and what people thought she was. She also was an ambassador for UNICEF and raised a lot of money and traveled to a lot of places most people wouldn’t have dreamed about going. The new book Warrior is the second book by author Robert Matzen about Audrey. It’s not a bio but a collection of more great stories (after the first book Dutch Girl) about her life in Hollywood and away from there. It also talks about her life during WWII, her parents where with the Nazi party. The book was written along with her son Luca and includes interviews and quotes from the people that knew Audrey best. We don’t often get a good look into the private lifes of celebrities from her time and this book is a great look at her life then and up to her death. You can pick up Warrior in stores on Tuesday, September 28th.

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