Book Review: ‘WARHOLCAPOTE: A Non-FIction Invention’ By Rob Roth

Two people that were always in each other’s orbits buy never met, get together in 1978, with the plan of writing a play together. They recorded their conversations and Rob Roth all these years later was given access to listen to the ones that were left over, on cassette, and pieced together a stage play out of what he heard. It’s a fantastic read of what these two talked about including such people as Jackie Kennedy, Liza Minnelli and even thoughts on sex and New York City. It’s written in the form of a play and one can only wonder what it would have looked like if they had actually wrote it. Rob Roth has done a great job putting this together and fans of one or both or these will be riveted to what he wrote, based on their own words.

You can pick up WARHOLCAPOTE: A Non-FIction Invention in stores on Tuesday, September 20th from Simon & Schuster.

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