Book Review: ‘The Wanted (An Elvis Cole And Joe Pike Novel) Is The Next Fun Adventure

A teenage boy gets involved with the wrong crowd and it’s up to Elvis and Joe to save the day in their newest adventure. I have to admit I am new to this book franchise. This is number 17 in the series. And I wish I had been there from the start. Elvis is a refreshing, fun character along with his partner Joe. It makes for a fun, exciting adventure.

When single mom notices that her son Devon suddenly has money and toys she becomes worried how he has come about it. So she calls ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’ Elvis Cole on the case. Elvis starts his investigation and finds that Tyson and his friends have been involved in a series of robberies of well off people. They have also stolen something they shouldn’t have and soon are on the run and fearing for their lives.

Two hit-men Harvey and Stemms (who will crack you uop) are also looking for whoever was involved in the robberies and are murdering people associated with the Tyson and his friends. Elvis gets the initial heads up and finds Tyson and his friends Amber and moves them to a safe house. He then follows leads as to what these bad guys really want and why there are a string of bodies. It soon leads to a final, fatal climatic showdown.

Author Robert Crais has a fun, adventure filled series with Elvis and Joe. The characters are well written, quirky and LOL funny at times. I really enjoyed my first outing with these characters and look forward to lots more with them. And props for Elvis’s cat!

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