Book Review: ‘The Visitors’ By Catherine Burns

A dark, twisted story of two people, a brother and a sister, that are completely f**ked up is the basis for the story in Catherine Burns new novel The Visitors (Scout Press; in stores now).

Marion Zetland lives in her family home with her older brother John. They have lived there now for more than fifty years. Neither of them has ever been in love or even had any self worth. Marion grew up with no friends and lived a sheltered life do mostly to her mother (she was a horrible mother). Her father provided for the family but wasn’t much better. The kids pretty much had each other. John looked out for Marion but would also be mean to her.

Marion now basically stays around the house and watches a lot of TV and eats a lot. She is friendly to a degree with her neighbor Judith (she use to babysit her daughter) the closest thing she ever had to a kid. They were left a lot of money, so they are set for life in that area.

John is something else. He goes out and gambles and spends lots of time in the basement. Marion waits on him hand and foot like he’s her mother. When her brother starts doing mysterious things in the basement she just ignores what he’s doing. She does know it involves illegal things.

When John has a heart attack Marion for the first time must take control of her life. She’s forced to deal with the situation in the basement and finally takes stock of her life. She loses weight, goes shopping for new clothes, meets a potential man and makes some shocking decisions that could land her in jail. There are some twists and turns and secrets you don’t see coming by the end of the story that will have you going wow.

In reading the press notes Catherine Burns is a fan of Wilkie Collins and Edgar Allan Poe and loves dark, sinister stories. And this book is definitely that! And even the publisher Scout Press says ‘we have a taste for the twisted.’ So if this is your kind of a read, make sure to pick it up!

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