Book Review: ‘Once Upon A Wine’ Is The Next Fun Black Dog Bay Novel

Beth Kendrick is back with her next Black Dog Bay, Delaware novel Once Upon A Wine (NAL Trade Paperback Original; July 26). It’s a fun follow up to last years Put A Ring On It.

When Cammie Breyer gets an emergency phone call from her cousin Kat about what Aunt Ginger has done she drops everything in California (and it really wasn’t much) to fly to Black Dog Bay (a place where she spent her summers growing up). Seems Ginger has bought a wine vineyard. Something she knows nothing about.

Kat is a skateboard star who has had to retire with injuries. She’s also running away from her marriage. The three women decide that they will give it a go and see what they can make of the vineyard. Cammie’s ex Ian use to teach her stuff about their successful farm. She remembers back to those days and also uses the internet to learn as much as she can about the vineyard works. When she runs into Ian he offers to help out (he still has feelings for her as does she). They work hard to get the vineyard to work and form plans to make sure they succeed.

Kat also works on her marriage, Cammie and Ian give it a go again and Ginger works her ass off to help market and get the word out. The three women are determined to make it work and move forward in business and love.

Another fun book in the series. A perfect summer read of fun characters in a setting that becomes all too familiar as you read the books. It’s like going for a visit and leaving with great memories!

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