Book Review: ‘Until It’s Over: A Novel’ By Nicci French

In London Astrid, a bike messenger, is on her way home, when the car in front of her opens her door and Astrid goes flying into the air. This happens right in front of the house she lives in with six other people. She’s okay and is taken inside by her roommates.

The next day the police are on the street. The woman Peggy, who was the one that opened the door is found dead. She and her roommates that saw the accident tell the police what they know. Then when Astrid is going to pick up a package she finds the woman of the house dead. She once again has to answer questions.

Then the girlfriend of the owner of the house were she lives is found dead. And Astrid is the one to find the body. The police don’t suspect her but wonder how she is involved in all of this. Then one member of her household has been arrested and the police think someone in the house is the guilty party. Just which one of the seven is a murderer?

The first part of the book is about Astrid finding the dead women. The second part of the book tells who the murderer is and why this person did what they did and how they did it. This was an solid novel. The second part gave away the murderer too early for me but was a solid way to get into the mind of the murderer. If you’re a fan of author Nicci French (like I am), you will enjoy this book.

You can pick up Until It’s Over in stores on Tuesday, July 28th from Harper.

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