Book Review: ‘Unnatural History: An Alex Delaware Novel’ By Jonathan Kellerman

The 38th novel in the series is another great, well-written novel, centering on the great relationship between the two lead characters, Detective Milo Sturgis, and Psychologist Alex Delaware. Photographer, and son of a billionaire, Donny Klement is found dead by his assistant, shot to death in his bead. Milo is on the scene, and calls Alex to help with the case. There’s any number of suspects, including a mysterious group Donny was working with called The Whispers. The more they investigate, the stranger the case seems to become. A mysterious father, a girlfriend, an assistant, and homeless people. The key to these books, as I said before, is the relationship between Milo and Alex, who are best friends. Fans of this series will be happy with this new one.

You can pick up Unnatural History in stores on Tuesday, February 7th from Ballantine Books.

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