Book Review: ‘Unleash The Night’ Is A Were-Hunter Love Story

Author Sherrilyn Kenyon has been writing the Dark-Hunter novels since 1986 in magazines. Her first novel in the series came out in 2002 and she’s been writing them ever since. This is my second novel that I have read in the series. This one centers on Wren Tigarian, an orphaned part human, part snow leopard and white tiger. He’s a loner who never really talks to anyone and who the people he lives with at Sanctuary (a refuge for people of his kind) think he’s a bit odd.

Maggie is the daughter of a US Senator and currently going to law school. She hangs around with snotty, upper-crest types. When they learn that their friend Nick has vanished, they fear the worst for him. They go to Sanctuary, a biker bar, where Nick use to go to. Nick was actually friendly with Wren. While at the bar Maggie’s friends are all snooty and start issues. Wren sees Maggie and she sees him and their is an instant attraction. The guys pick a fight with Wren and he has to be restrained (you don’t want to make a tiger mad). They’re kicked out and Maggie stays behind to apologize. Wren actually speaks to her (he never talks to anyone). When she leaves, she is attacked and Wren has followed her and saved her. He wants her bad and knows it can’t be. She wants him as well.

They finally give in and have mind blowing sex. He then tells her it can never be again (she doesn’t know his story). They go back and forth and decide to take things one day at a time. Little does Wren know that the people he’s staying with want him gone and go to the council that oversee them and tell them he murdered his parents when he was a kid (he didn’t). The word comes down he’s to be killed. Wren manages to escape injured and goes to Maggie who sees him as a tiger. She learns the shocking truth. And also learns know that they are both in danger.

Wren does have some allies and they come to help Wren. Because of the magical powers they have, Wren goes back in time with Maggie to try and learn the details of his parents deaths and to be able to clear himself. What he learns is shocking (and something happens to Maggie) and soon the bad guys track him down. When he returns for with his proof, he learns a shocking detail that will change his life and that of Maggie.

This originally came out in 2005 and is now being re-released in hardcover. These books are a lot of fun to read. If you like magical stories of human/animal crossbreeds these are for you. This one like other ones is a love story with people that have lived screw up lives (not of their own making), who are able to find each other and to also open up and find love. Sherrilyn explains why these people are like they are (it goes back to the time of Apollo and the Fates).

There are 27 total novels in the series and no time like the present to dive in. Each story is individual so you haven’t had to read previous ones to know what’s going on.

Unleash The Night is in stores on Tuesday, November 28th, from St. Martin’s Press.

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