Book Review: ‘Unbound’ Is One Of The Best Stone Barrington Stories In A While

Anyone that’s been following for a while knows I love reading Stone Barrington novels. This one is his 44th novel featuring the character. I came late to the series having started about 4 years ago. I believe this is my 10th one read. Some have been hits and some misses. The last few have been good. His latest Unbound out Tuesday, January 2 from G.P. Putnam’s Sons is one of my favorites. There’s nothing different from the formula he uses for his story-telling for this novel, other than it’s not centered around Stone. He’s part of it but it’s essentially a Teddy Fay story.

Teddy Fay’s wife has been killed by a drunk driver who is the wife of a famous, powerful Hollywood Producer Dax Baxter. Teddy is distraught and takes off in his car. He has no idea where he is going to go. He ends up in Santa Fe and happens to see Ed Eagle walking down the street and about to be stabbed. He jumps into action and saves Ed. Hanging out with Ed and his wife he finds out there will be no charges against the woman who killed his wife. Strings were pulled and there’s not enough evidence.

While in town Teddy learns that Dax is in town about to shoot a new movie. He gets a job working on the movie and Ed and Stone (who has been summoned to town by Ed) are worried that Teddy is going to try and do something to Dax. Teddy assures them he’s not. He just little things that cause production issues and will cost Dax money out his own pocket. Dax is on to Teddy and hires a Russian to come and take him out. Of course Teddy is too smart and outwits the Russian. He gives Dax a warning to back off.

Meanwhile Stone has met another beautiful woman and immediately gets he to bed (to be Stone just once!) and Teddy also meets a woman on the set and soon he’s in love (really soon after his wife has died). They both fly off to Los Angeles. Stone for business and pleasure. Teddy with his new woman Sally and returns to work and gets her a job.

Dax is still fuming about Teddy, being turned down by Stone for membership at his club and at Centurion studios for not wanting to work with him. He hires more Russians to take out Teddy (who is on to him). Now it’s just a game of cat and mouse as to who will get who first.

This book has no action in New York for the first time I can recall not is Dino a part of the story (a first for me). This is all about Teddy and the action is fast and furious. As much as I love Stone it was a nice break that he wasn’t in any danger for a change, unless you call the hot woman he is currently seeing!

As I’ve said before of Stuart Wood’s series they are so easy to read. Not a lot of useless writing or story. He gets right to the point in each chapter and before you know it the book is over. I literally read it in about two hours. And not to worry if you haven’t read a Stone book before. He gives enough back story so you know what’s going on.

Pick it up for yourself on Tuesday, January 2nd.

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