Book Review: ‘Two Truths And A Lie: A Novel’ By Meg Mitchell Moore Is A Great Summer Read

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Sherri Griffin and her 11 year old daughter Katie have moved to the beach town of Newburyport, Massachusetts to begin a new life after a bitter divorce. Sherri has gotten her daughter into a summer surf camp, which isn’t easy to do. And The Mom Squad has noticed this new woman and her daughter.

The Mom Squad is a group of 12 women who keep mostly to themselves, like to gossip, drink and act like they run the town. They don’t usually let others join the group and act like their better than everyone else.

The story centers on Sherri, her new friend Rebecca (one of the Squad but is kind of over them), her daughter Alexa and the thoughts of the Squad. Sherri has secrets that she doesn’t want to come out. Rebecca is still mourning the death of her husband from a sudden medical condition. Alexa has graduated college but is still not over the death of her step-father. The story follows them as the days of summer go by and we learn their secrets, one might find love again and the Squad may get what’s coming to them.

This is a Great book! It’s really well-written, with interesting characters and stories. And a Great Hell Yea that is not to be missed (you will understand after reading it). This is one of the top books of the summer so far.

You can pick up Two Truths And A Lie in stores now from William Morrow.