Book Review: ‘Twenty’ Is The Next Exciting Jack Swyteck Novel By James Grippando

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

It’s a normal morning for lawyer Jack Swyteck, his FBI wife Andie and his daughter Righley. They’re in the car on the way to her school. Jack drops them off and heads to his law office. Andie takes her to school and as the parents are having coffee, a gunman is on the campus and shooting and the school goes on lockdown. Andie is off duty and doesn’t have a gun but does what comes natural and runs to her daughters room, which is locked and stands guard. Jack hears the noise and runs to the school but nothing he can do. Once it’s over, there are 14 dead and the gunman seems to be the 18 year old son of Andie’s friends Molly, Xavier Khoury, whos is half Muslim. As the FBI investigates and finds this could be a terrorist act, Jack is roped into defending Xavier, something he doesn’t want to do and once committed he can’t get out of it. Not everything is cut and dried though. Xavier might not have done it and soon Jack and the FBI find out it’s a lot bigger than either one thought. It goes back to before 9/11 and soon Jack finds his life in jeopardy as the truth about everything comes out.

This is my second Jack Swyteck novel and I really like this series. The story starts off strong and never lets up. It builds up to a great climax of the story and throw in the issues with Jack’s marriage and you have a solid 17 adventure with Jack. A good book to start off the new year.

You can pick up Twenty in stores on Tuesday, January 5th from Harper.