Book Review: ‘Turn A Blind Eye: A William Warwick Novel’ By Jeffrey Archer

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Books | 2 comments

William Warwick is back for book number three and he’s ready to quit the force but gets talked out it by his boss Hawk. Instead he gets a new assisgnment investigating potential crooked cops. And as this is going on word comes that Miles is dead, the man they have been searching for the since the last book, when he escated from jail. And the big trial of drugpin Assem Rashidi, who is being represented by Booth Watson. For the Prosecution Sir Julian and his daughter Grace. It should be a slam dunk case until Booth is able to pull some fast ones and Rashidid gets off on the more serious charges. Then Christina meets a new man and has come into some wealth but not everything is as it seems. There’s a major twist in the story and as William’s task force looks to bring down a crooked cop, it once again forces a court showdown between Sir Julian and Booth Watson.

This is another great novel in the series. The courtroom scenes are brilliantly written and fun to follow along with. The characters are well-written and the twists and turns are perfectly placed in this thrilling next chapter in the series. And the ending sets up the next book.

You can pick up Turn A Blind Eye in stores now in stores from St. Martin’s Press.