Book Review: ‘True Faith And Allegiance’ Is Next Fun Jack Ryan Adventure

There’s nothing like getting the next Jack Ryan adventure. It’s like visiting with old friends once a year and seeing what they’ve been up to. It’s also over 700 pages long, so expect a rather long visit (not sure why they have to be so long). But it is a quick read once you get into it! The latest is Tom Clancy True Faith And Allegiance: A Jack Ryan Novel by Mark Greaney (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores December 6).

After the ending of the last book where the US stopped Russia from advancing into Ukraine things have been peaceful. That’s about to change. A major list of over 25 million Americans in service to the country has fallen into the wrong hands. It contains all their vetted information. The Chinese have procured it and it’s being house in Romania. One rogue person working with it is selling individual information to terrorists who are making random hits on US personal throughout the country and threats around the world. The Government is stumped as to how this is happening.

The Campus which includes Jack Ryan, Jr. is on the case trying to help figure out what is going on. They’re also adding two new members to the team. Jr. is working with Gavin to try and figure out how this list is got out and where it is.

With more and more shootouts and deaths taking place on US soil, the rush is on to stop these terrorists and figure out their plan. And Jack Ryan, Jr. and the Campus figure out things which leads to shootouts and lives on the line.

Mark Greaney takes off where Tom Clancy left off with thrilling stories, shootouts, exotic locations and the action packed adventure. You won’t be disappointed with this latest offering.

And FYI in case you didn’t hear, Amazon is making a series with 10 episodes and has cast John Krasinski as Jack Ryan (when the series debuts has not been announced). So something else to look forward to in regards to Jack Ryan!

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