Book Review: ‘Troubles In Paradise: The Final Novel In The Paradise Series’ By Erin Hilderbrand

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

After the events of the end of the last book it’s time for the Steele family to start over. The FBI has taken everything from them including Irene’s house in Iowa. Now she is living with Huck. Cash is living with his girlfriend and her family and Baker has just flown in with his son and found out the news.

Luckily for Baker he has just gotten a lot of money from his ex. Irene is working with Huck on the boat and Cash is also working on a boat. Then their personal lives go to hell. Irene is mad at Huck, Cash breaks up with his girl and Baker learns he’s going to be a dad. As they try and work out their personal issues they receive news of an inheritance.

And if that’s not enough someone is following Irene and stalking out where she lives. When she finally meets this person she receives shocking news. And then a hurricane hits.

This series is Great! This final story is all character driven and by the end we at least get closure for better or worse. Erin Hilderbrand never disappoints.

You can pick up Troubles In Paradise in stores now.