Book Review: ‘Trophy Life: A Novel’ Looks At One Woman As She Has To Start Over From The Rich Life She Knew

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Agnes Parsons has been married now for ten years to Jack with a six month old baby on the water in California. Jack is older than her and not easy to live with. He’s set in his ways and wants things done certain ways and if they’re not then hell will be paid. He is rich and Agnes has been able to live the high life. She’s considered a Trophy Wife by the people around her.

It’s the Tuesday date for massages and dinner and Agnes has arrived but no Jack. Jack is never late. She starts to worry and he still doesn’t show. He doesn’t come home. Agnes is now frantic and starts calling people. She gets a hold of best friend Don and is told not to call the police and to meet him the next day. She finds out Jack is in a whole lot of trouble and has lost all their money. She needs to pack bags, sell what she can and be prepared to leave. Jack has arraigned for her to get a teaching job near the Bronx in New York with housing from an friend Ruth (who as a client in his investment business). Turns out Jack lost all his clients money and in trying to pay them back had to borrow from people that you don’t want to borrow from.

Agnes is in shock but drives across country and gets settled into her new place and ready to be a middle school teacher to kids that are trouble. She tries to reach these kids and at first she has no luck. But she keeps trying and starts to get through to them even though they can trouble makers. They each have their own personal issues and Agnes is there for them to try and help.

It seems the people in charge of the school don’t seem to care much. She soon finds evidence of things not being what they should. She also is missing Jack who shows up in New York and tells her to work on Ruth to help get him money so he can fix things. Agnes is torn. She has started this new life but still wants Jack but at what price. She’s figured out what he has done and now she has to decide what she wants to do.

She’s determined to do the best thing she can for her daughter, the kids she has become close to and for herself. Maybe being a trophy wife is not all it is cracked up to be.

A great story with a woman who has to start over from scratch on her own (she grew up poor so this is nothing new to her) and dig down deep inside to survive. She’s a strong female character that you root for from the very beginning and want her to win. Just a great debut novel from author Lea Geller. She will be a force to watch in the coming years.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, April 9th.