Book Review: ‘The Trials of Apollo Book Two The Dark Prophecy’ Is Another Great Rick Riordan Book

There’s nothing like the next Rick Riordan book. If you’re not familiar with his novels they involve the Greek Gods, Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase and mythology. They are the best books every year. They are continuing stories every new book. His latest is book two of The Trials of Apollo Book Two The Dark Prophecy (Disney-Hyperion; in stores now).

Apollo is still without his powers having been banned to earth by Zeus as a 16 year old name Lester (and dealing with what 16 year olds have to deal with). He continues on his quest to restore Oracles in order to get back into the good graces of Zeus.

On the road with Leo, Calypso and looking for Meg, they head to Indianapolis where they encounter Commodus, who is taking over and renaming the city after himself and full-filling a prophecy. He wants Apollo and his friends dead. It’s a battle to the death as Apollo and his friends must not only save themselves, they must save demi-gods and humans alike. With the indirect help of Artemis, the fight is on. Apollo must also face his own prophecy, which won’t be easy since the oracle is one of his sons (who’s pissed off at him).

Rick Riordan might by the best writer in the business today. His books are really well written and funny! His use of pop-culture and asides are just beyond greatness. As you finish each book you find yourself counting down the days until the next one comes out!

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