Book Review: ‘Treason’ Is The Next Thrilling Stone Barrington Novel

Stuart Woods is back with book #52 in his Stone Barrington series. This time Stone is in New York, Paris, Maine and Martha’s Vineyard and of course has hot women with him wherever he goes. There’s a lot going in this novel as Holly Baker suspects she has a Russian mole at state and asks Stone for help figuring out who it is (and of course gets some alone sex time with Stone). She’s ready to announce her run for President but needs to get this cleared up before she can resign and announce.

Stone consults with Lance Cabot, head of the CIA, and they form a plan to have someone do an informal investigation which amounts to nothing and Holly announces her run for President.

Meanwhile Stone is talked into buying a new, more powerful airplane and flies off to Paris with Dino and Viv. There he meets Peter Grant and a Russian Oligarch, both who seem shady. Lance has him try to figure out as much as he can about both of them. Then it’s back to New York with Peter and more grilling as to what they are doing. Stone has more interaction with them and then meets another charming lady, whose family has a relationship with Peter and then things go south. A poisoning, a murder and Stone is right in the middle of it, leading to a climax showdown in Martha’s Vineyard.

Another fun Stone Barrington novel that takes the reader on a ride through the eyes of Stone. The Holly story is furthered with her run for President and Stone’s adventures with the ladies of course takes center stage. He can just look at a woman and bam she’s in bed with him. The supporting cast of Dino and Lance are along for some comic relief and to propel the story. These books are always fun to read, so jump on in and take a ride.

You can pick up Treason in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from Putnam.

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