Book Review: ‘Treachery Times Two: A Koa Kane Novel’ By Robert McCaw

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

Chief Detective Koa Kane has been called to the scene of a dead female in a cemetery and now has a big case in front of him. As he invesigates if brings him to X-Co, a US secret defense project being worked on, and he isn’t able to get many answers. He does get an earful from his boss as there are many big-wigs on the board of the company and Koas asking questions sets off alarms. But soon this case is bigger than Koa and he teams up with the FBI to get the goods on who the murderer is and it turns out there’s a mole or moles in the company and they have to find out who is sabotaging the top-secret project. And if that’s not enough, a shocking secret from Koa’s past comes back to life and he has a lot of footwork to do in order to cover his part in something that happened 30 years ago. And when a man is arrested, Koa may have to give himself up in order to save an innocent man.

Another solid Koa Kane novel from author Robert McCaw. A well-written adventure, with lots of twists and turns, keeps the reader on edge throughout the novel. Book four is as good as book one.

You can pick up Treachery Times Two in stores on Tuesday, January 4th.