Book Review: ‘Traveling Light’ Is An Enjoyable And Fun Story To Read

Lynne Branard the author of The Art Of Arranging Flowers is back with her newest novel Traveling Light (Berkley Trade Paperback Original; in stores Tuesday, January 10).

In reading the press notes the book is inspired by real life events in Lynne’s life. Alissa Wells has lived her whole life in North Carolina. Her mom died when she was young and she had to be the woman of the house. Making sure her sister was taken care of. She is close with her dad and works with him at the local paper he owns. One night she sees an add for abandoned storage lockers and bids on one. She ends up winning it. When she goes to check it out she finds the ashes of a dead man named Roger, along with a card for a funeral home in New Mexico.

She decides to try and find his family and return them. She takes off on the road with her nine year old, three legged dog. Having never been that far from her home it’s an adventure for her. Along the way she stops at a diner and meets 17 year old waitress Blossom, who decides she wants to go to her dads in Texas. So she convinces Al (what everyone calls Alissa) and off they go. They stop for adventures along the way and Blossom sets up Al a Facebook page (which she’s not happy about).

Along the way Blossom’s ex shows up, a potential old flame of Als and an awakening for Alissa, who decides to reinvent her life.

This was a fun and easy book to read. Enjoyable characters, good story and a three legged dog make for an enjoyable time!

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