Book Review: ‘Traitor’s Gate: A William Warwick Novel’ By Jeffrey Archer


After four years in prison, Miles Faulkner is back in London, and has grudge to settle with Warwick, Ross and even his ex-wife Christina. He sets her up, and she looses most of her money. Ross, he sets up on a witness tampering case, and it goes to a trial. For William, it’s a bit more tricky. He gets a call out of the blue from someone in the palace, who is offering to help him steal the crown jewels, and in the process setting up William to take the fall for the theft. A devious plan is set in motion, as there’s a new Prime Minister, and the Queen will have to give a speech and wear her crown. William is one of the men in charge of security of it. Miles comes up with a devious plan, and the only question is can he pull it off, and now William and his team will have lest than 24 hours to make sure the crown jewels are where they’re supposed to be. This is another terrific book in the series. Author Jeffrey Archer writes these so well, they’re fun to read, and the characters are like old friends. This is the six book in the series, and it keeps getting better and better.

You can pick up Traitor’s Gate in stores on Tuesday, September 26th from Harper Collins.

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