Book Review: ‘Too Close To Breathe’ Is A Decent Debut Novel

by | Mar 11, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Too Close To Breathe is the debut novel from Olivia Kiernan, an Irish writer living in the UK. It’s a police detective thriller looking for a serial killer. It’s a good debut novel in the genre. There’s nothing earth shattering and no big twists that grab you. A standard story with great characters in Chief Superintendent Frankie Sheenah and her partner Baz.

Frankie is back on the job after being out for four months after almost being killed in pursuit of an alleged killer when she didn’t wait for backup. As soon as she gets back to work a woman is found dead from hanging. At first it’s suspected to be a suicide. After further investigation and the autopsy it’s ruled she was murdered and her husband is missing.

The search is on for him as a potential suspect and an investigation is opened. Soon a second body is found with something similar found on her that was found on the first victim. Soon things lead to the dark web and another murder again tied to the first two murders. Frankie starts questioning things and soon ties back to the man who allegedly tried to kill her months ago. Maybe he is innocent and Frankie might be a target. This may go back a few years and now she finds herself in a race to find this person and save her own life.

You can check it our for yourself on Tuesday, April 3rd, when the book is released through Dutton.