Book Review: ‘Tom Clancy Power And Empire: A Jack Ryan Novel’

The Jack Ryan series continues with a new author taking over the reigns this time. Marc Cameron is a bestselling NY Times author and has 29 years in law enforcement under his belt. This novel was all over the place with three different major stories going on.

Jack Ryan Jr. and the Campus are in Dallas on the hunt of a Mexican cartel. It leads them to a child sex trafficking ring and a link to a Chines spy ring. It also points them to South America and then to Japan. John Clarke and Dom end up staying in Dallas and help to bust the ring and rescue underage girls.

President Ryan in the White House is having to deal with China and their new President. He’s also getting ready for the G20 in Japan and getting us to a new head of the Secret Service. When an attack in Africa on an oil refinery, a bomb on a freighter and an American ship caught in a storm near China that has lost power, things are not dull.

After escaping trouble in Buenos Aires, Jack and the Campus make their way to Japan right in time for the G20. When they notice a couple of men as part of the Chinese security team from Argentina, it’s a race for Jack to warn his dad a deadly plot is in the works.

As with every Jack Ryan novel all the major players are here and part of the action. Especially John Clarke gets major action and gets to show what a bad ass he is. And as with any Jack Ryan novel it’s way too long. The stories could have been shortened and tightened up for at least 50 pages. All in all though another exciting novel to add the Tom Clancy collection. Marc Cameron picks right up where previous authors have left off and having knowledge of the series and the characters.

And if you haven’t heard a Jack Ryan series will be airing on Amazon next year starring John Krasinski. You can watch previews here.

You can pick up Tom Clancy Power And Empire: A Jack Ryan Novel in stores on Tuesday, November 28th from G.P. Putnmam’s Sons.

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