Book Review: ‘Tom Clancy Point Of Contact’ Is Another Thrilling Jack Ryan Jr. Novel

Mike Maden has written the next exciting story of Jack Ryan Jr. in Tom Clancy Point Of Contact (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores on Tuesday, June 13).

As the story starts Jack and The Campus are on an assignment to rescue hostages. Jack makes a mistake and it almost costs them the mission. Luckily everything worked out okay. He’s down on himself like he always is. When he gets called to a meeting at Hendley Associates, he’s surprised to see former Senator and defense contractor Weston Rhodes in the office. A soolso in the meeting is Paul Brown, a forensic account specialist and a co-worker.

Weston is wanting to buy a company based in Singapore called Dalfan Technologies. He wants them to go there and do a full audit of the books before any potential deal goes down. Neither wants to go but they do. Paul has a history of Weston that goes back many years. Weston takes him aside and hands him a flash drive and tells his to upload the contests within a few days. He tells Paul it has to do with the CIA. Paul is reluctant but says he will do it. Jack has no idea about this.

They arrive and meet with the owner of the company and his children (daughter Lian and son Yong who doesn’t want the company sold). Jack and Paul soon get to work and have to deal with being constantly watched. Paul is finding it difficult to upload the flash drive do to security procedures that are in place. As they do their work nothing is looking fishy until Paul finds a weird file (which could be nothing). He tells Jack who becomes suspicious and starts his own investigation. As he snoops trouble starts to find them. He notices all his stuff is being searched and the house is broken into and searched. Paul is worried the flash drive will be found but he hid it well. He soon comes up with a plan to upload it, which will involve a bit of luck and good timing.

When it comes time to upload the flash drive Paul notices something about the program that doesn’t look right and doesn’t do it. That same night a killer storm is hitting Singapore. Paul is grabbed and forced to upload the program. This sets up a chain of events to get the program stopped before the world markets all crash. A race though the rainstorm with killers chasing after Jack, Paul and Lian sets up an ultimate finale. Who will survive and will they be able to stop the markets from crashing?

Another great addition to the Jack Ryan and son series which also involves stories with other characters on occasion. If you haven’t read any previous stories not worries. You can jump right in. And is you haven’t heard Amazon is making a series based on Jack Ryan starring John Krasinski which is shooting now.

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