Book Review: ‘Tom Clancy Code Of Honor’ Is The Next Thrilling Jack Ryan Novel

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Jack Ryan is back and up against the Chinese and a cyber-terror they have acquired which could change everything.

When two American software makes invent at new AI for a video game they sell it for millions to an Indonesian gaming company. The Chinese are aware of this and have determined it can be used for much more than gaming and intercept the makers and steal copies to use to hack and control American assets. Father Pat West who’s an old friend of Jack Ryan’s accidentally gets involved in this and is taken prisoner. He’a able to get a text off to Jack before he’s taken and almost a month later the text gets sent.

Jack Ryan decides he needs to get Father Pat freed and appeals to the President Of Indonesia, who says his hands are tied. Jack not to be deterred goes there to get the job done. Meanwhile The Campus under John Clarke is sent to retrieve a copy of the software from the gaming company and it turns into the usual shootout and two of the members are in a live and death situation. And even the first Lady Cathy gets involved when a top-Chinese General has a Granddaughter with a serious eye condition and it is set up for him to bring her to the United States and Cathy will be part of the operating team and will try and get intel from the General. Everything leads up to shocking reveals and arrests.

Another thrilling Jack Ryan novel. They all follow the same pattern if you’ve read these over the years so there’s not much more to add to say if you’re a fan of the other novels in the series, there’s not reason you will not like this one. Author Marc Cameron has been writing these for years now and has a great command on the characters and the series. And in case you haven’t heard or watched there’s a Jack Ryan series on Amazon, season one has already ran and the show has already been renewed for seasons two (returns in November) and three.

You can pick up Code Of Honor in stores on Tuesday, November 19th.