Book Review: ‘To Sir, With Love: A Rom-Com Novel’ By Lauren Layne

by | Jun 13, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

Grace Cooper runs the her father’s Midtown Champagne store after his death months ago. Her brother and sister have their own things going on and she runs it alone. It’s not doing great but she wants to keep her father’s legacy alive. She also has had no luck in dating live and has joined an app and she has met a man on it and he’s known as Sir. They have never met but talk all the time and she thinks she may be falling for him. And then she runs into Sebastian Andrews, who is hot and rich. He also works for the management company that has her lease and he wants to buy her out to make room for renovations. She refuses and finds him arrogant. Grace and her family and friends come up with ways to increase business but it’s not enough and she soon relents and tells Sebastian she will sign (for a good amount of money). He has been coming around a lot and they hang out and they seem to like each other. But she can’t get over Sir and wants to meet him but he doesn’t want to yet. And then they do meet and it’s a shock but not really who he is. A solid rom-com with well-written characters and story that follow the familiar rom-com format and that’s a good thing. Full of humor and fun as well as love, it’s a perfect way to kick off the July 4th weekend.

You can pick up To Sir, With Love in stores on Tuesday, June 29th from Gallery Books.