Book Review: ‘The Tiger’s Prey’ Is A Swashbuckling Grand Adventure

Wilbur Smith is back with his latest Courtney family adventure The Tiger’s Prey in stores Tuesday, October 17th, from William Morrow. It’s a swashbuckling adventure from London to India, with non-stop action with pirates, ships, cannons, swords and a baby.

Tom Courtney once again sets sail this time to India where his brother Guy rules the land. There’s no love lost between the two and he hopes to get in and out quickly. The best plans never work out. His ship is destroyed in a storm and he ends up in a battle for his life and his family. Aboard the ship is his wife (who discovers she is pregnant), his nephew who at first wanted to kill him and his crew.

Then there’s his other nephew Christopher who’s fed up with his father and takes off to find himself and make his fortune. He turns into a cold blooded killer and soon his path crosses with Tom and he learns a shocking secret. Soon it turns into all out war and who lives and dies comes down to a final battle.

So much happens in the book that it’s hard to write anymore of the plot without giving anything away. The story is one long, continuous battle with Tom, Christopher, Guy and pirates that could easily be an old Errol Flynn movie (and if you don’t know him google him!). It was a page-turner that I couldn’t put down. It’s easily one of my top-ten books of the year. I only wish I had the time to go back and read all the previous books that have been written about the family. I will look forward to the next chapter.

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