Book Review: ‘Three Minutes’ Is The Next Chapter With Piet Hoffman And Ewert Grens

The new exciting chapter in the story of Piet Hoffman and Ewert Grens is coming out on Tuesday, July 25th from Quercus Hardcover. It continues the story from 3 seconds.

Piet Hoffman has fled Sweden and his prison sentence and now lives in Cali, Colombia with his wife and two kids. He’s still working as an informant and working for a Colombian cocaine cartel as an enforcer. He’s high up in the cartel and well trusted. He also is reporting to the DEA and helping to bring the cartel down. Having been reported dead only three people know he’s alive and what he’s doing.

The Speaker Of The House Crouse is leading a task force to go to Columbia to start wiping them out (his daughter died because of drugs). He insists on going with them on their assignment (bad idea). He’s soon captured and tortured and held in a cage. On a mission to the camp Piet sees him and makes a not of where he’s being held to use to in his own cause. When the US government releases a top 13 most wanted cartel members and starts to target them Piet known by his fake name in Colombia is number 7 on the list.

When the truth about Piet is revealed to the US Government they refuse to take him off the list and forbid the DEA from any further contact. So Erik Wilson in Sweden comes up with a plan to help Piet and get him back to Sweden. He informs Ewert Grens of what’s been going on (he has played a big part in previous stories). Ewert goes to Colombia and meets with Piet and explains what’s going on. He then goes to the US to offer a bargin….Piet goes free in exchange for the Speaker Of The House, who will be rescued. They agree to deal only to get him back but have no plan to follow through on it.

Piet comes up with a plan to save the Speaker, save his family and get out of Colombia and return to Sweden with everyone intact. It’s a plan that goes right down to the minute and seconds the way he has it timed out. There’s no wiggle room for any errors or it could mean the life of him, his family and The Speaker.

I had not read the previous stories involving these characters. And it isn’t an issue here. The authors do a good story of giving the background of the characters and how they are where they are today. A good, thriller with some twists and turns and interesting characters in Piet and Ewert. I am looking forward to the next chapter in these characters lives.

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